We bring big agency experience with cost-effective freelancer flexibility. So we can ensure the right blend of strategic weight plus creative agility to make the most of anyone’s budget.

F&G’s Directors have many years of experience in the strategy and the hustle of marketing, communications, PR, digital, insight, entrepreneurship, business development and data & operations. We’ve worked for a range of global brands and small start-ups across many sectors including tech, web, mobile, IT, financial services, construction and public sector. 

Who are the F&G Directors?

Jane Franklin

…is a client director and co-founder of F&G Funnel Mechanics. She works with clients on marketing strategy and hustle.

Effective marketing starts and ends with customer understanding. Getting cut through is all about the customer – who they are, where they are and what they want.

Jane has deep experience in communications, inbound and outbound marketing for a range of organisations from Microsoft and OS to the Greater London Authority and NFU Mutual and many others in between.

Should anyone ever want to bribe Jane, she has a number of exploitable weaknesses. Focusing on a mixture of rock, comedy, cheese and cider will probably do the trick.

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Sarah Green

…is a client director and co-founder. She brings business development, entrepreneurship, digital marketing and strategy to the F&G party.

After starting out in exhibitions and conferences, Sarah moved into digital in 2000, before branching out as an entrepreneur. Since 2003 she has been instrumental in launching six companies and successfully selling two.

Sarah’s into all things tech, especially if there is a community building element to it. She says she loves something tricky to get her noggin thinking.

For kicks Sarah loves cycling (spin or real life), trying new sports, tinkering with new food ideas and juggling family and work.

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Sarah Bradbury

…is a client director and our COO. After studying languages at Cambridge and then living abroad Sarah settled in London. While studying for her MBA she became passionate about all things business strategy and operations.



Marketing and related tech is a big fascination! Sarah’s fond of working out how things can be done more quickly and efficiently. And then unearthing brilliant new systems and tech to assist.



Sarah loves working with local organisations – particularly those close to her hometown of Winchester. Other than F&G – wine, cheese, all things 80s, a busy family and home renovation projects keep Sarah excited and occupied.



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