Sarah Green, Sarah Bradbury and Jane Franklin. Together We Are F & G.
by @JonCraig_Photos

Are you realising that what got your business to where it is today won’t be enough to get it to the next level of growth? Perhaps some of the novelty of your startup has rubbed off. Or you’re getting growing pains as you’re scaling up. Where is your next phase of growth going to come from? 

Something needs to change. We’d love to be that catalyst for you.

We get excited about companies that are using technology to make a difference. Changing lives and creating social good. And we practically* love nothing more than getting our heads together with you, talking through where you are today and coming up with fun and focused ways to get you where you want to be tomorrow.

We’ve strong ties to the South West. We want to help tech and innovation driven companies in this most special part of the world to grow and realise their potential.

That’s why we founded F&G. We’re Funnel Mechanics. We help you work out how to attract the attention of more of the right people and to draw them in to your business. Creating your next set of customers by designing and delivering your marketing funnel – tailored to your customer.

And, frankly, the grey carpet tiles and cubicle walls of traditional 9-5 working make us tired. Life is too short to be boring. We want to be remarkable. To work with great people in businesses making a positive impact. To help them win. And to have a real laugh doing it.

Want to hear more? We’d love to talk

*OK, so there’s family, friends, cheese and wine, but you get what we mean.

Let’s build something together.