First of all, we’re growing. We have four directors now. It was important that we had a name that included them all, and that they all had a hand in choosing.

Once we’d decided to change, we went back to our own basics to inspire our search for a new name. We looked at our mission, our experiences, our values and loves.

It was a short drop down a web rabbit hole from the Economist podcast to Babbage to Lovelace to Difference Engine. It has the lot.

The original Difference Engine is feted as one of the first examples of computing – hardware by Babbage and software by Lovelace. Both colourful characters, Lovelace has latterly been ‘rediscovered’ as a female computing pioneer – celebrated every October on Ada Lovelace Day as a role model to encourage girls and women into the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths. 

It just clicked.

We’re entrepreneurial, bold, inventive and fun. We love working with progressive brands/organisations. We believe in equality and social justice. And a central theme running through all our careers is digital and tech expertise.

We set up our agency because we are on a mission to save good people from bad marketing. Too much money is wasted on marketing that misses the mark – badly targeted, poorly executed, built on a whim. 

We are different. 

We deliver effective marketing, rooted in data and insight, that drives growth. We’re still funnel mechanics – focused on the engines that drive growth. Our build-test-learn approach is a blend of science and art. We help clients build marketing that makes them stand-out better. 

We make a difference. 

Nothing else changes, just our name. We hope you like it. 

We are Difference Engine.


About Difference Engine

Difference Engine is a marketing and business growth agency. We help progressive companies grow.

We’re a virtual agency with hubs in Bristol, London, Hampshire and Dorset.

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