This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating some fantastic women who’ve supported, challenged, encouraged and inspired us three female founders at F&G. We’ve been lucky enough to work with and for some formidable women. It’s impossible to name them all, so the three of us chose three women each who deserve a big-up today.

Give them a follow – you’ll soon love them as much as we do.

Katy Howell – sharp as a tack, creative, boundless energy. A true entrepreneur and a relationship building queen. She’s all about social.

Catherine Crump – passion and fairness, a committed leader with vision who can nail strategy and also deliver with excellence. She’s all about foresight and future proofing

Helen Trim – thinking big and delivering at scale, challenging ideas and people to be their best. She’s all about data driven marketing and empowering others

Tunde Hinton – entrepreneurial and a networking whizz, championing diversity in leadership in the housing sector 

Hela Wozniak – creative, hilarious and an ace connector

Lydia Dumont – events expert extraordinaire, fun, fearless and the epitome of strong sisterhood

Ciara Eastell – deep credibility in business transformation – proof that empathetic leadership delivers

Genevieve Leveille – groundbreaking blockchain in agriculture founder and STEM leader

Jessica Figueras – industry and charity leader, curious, mixing intellect with kickass getting shiz done

Finally, Lyssa-Fêe Crump, a self titled GIIF obsessed marketing badass whose piece celebrating the women rocking the business world in Cornwall inspired this post.

Hit these amazing women up with a follow if you want to broaden your horizons. Also check out Katy’s awesome post on finding the courage to challenge which lists a ton of networks and groups that support women.

This International Women’s Day we’ve loved thinking about all the women that have inspired us – thanks to you all – we salute you.