Boom!  We’ve landed on Planet 2021 – how is everyone doing out there?  What a welcoming first week back at work it has been we must say.  Here at F&G we are back to the business of engineering marketing funnels for growth whilst having a right old rollicking time homeschooling and arguing over who is hogging the bandwidth.  Corporate life at its finest.

Riding into 2021 like....

We have five things up our sleeve this January to help you focus your marketing efforts: three events and some expert insight. An online workshop in partnership with Huddle where we are looking at the first building block of marketing strategy – Purpose!  We have not one but two events in the diary supporting Devon based businesses – the first one virtual and the second one face to face (fingers crossed).  And finally, some great pointers on what to include in your next marketing report and the answer to a tongue twister…does it pay to play paid in your digital marketing strategy for start ups.

ONE: Calling Devon’s entrepreneurs and business owners - a free online business growth workshop 19.01.21

When we launched in 2019 we set out with a mission to help entrepreneurs in the South West excel and grow their businesses. We are excited to hold our first online workshop for Devon businesses on 19th January at 10 am. Join us for a fun, practical and interactive session in marketing funnel design that will get you thinking and inspire fresh ideas for your marketing strategy. 

Book here

TWO: Why purpose is core to marketing success: the unique what, how, who and why of what you do - a free online workshop in conjunction with Huddle Hammersmith 20.01.21

Book your place in our virtual workshop hosted on 20th January to dig deeper into the first building block of successful marketing strategy.  We’ll help you look at the core elements of designing a marketing funnel for your business that will drive growth – with particular emphasis on your purpose and what makes you unique.

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THREE: Brainstorming for business growth tailored to your business - Walking Workshops in Exeter 25.02.21

We are very much looking forward to meeting Devon’s entrepreneurs and business owners at our accessible-for-all Ideas in Action Walking Workshops which will be held at the end of February. We bring you creative collaboration on the move along Exeter Canal: fresh thinking to fuel marketing, find new leads & grow your business. In small but perfectly formed Covid-secure groups.  Book here

FOUR & FIVE: Our coverage this month....

Not sure what to include in your B2B marketing reports? Jane from F&G shares her opinions with Databox on the most essential things to add in a B2B marketing report.

Does it pay to play paid (go on… say it fast) when you are in startup mode?  Sarah from F&G talks to The Successful Founder about digital marketing and what role it plays in startup strategy.