Join us on our Ideas in Action Walking Workshops along Exeter Quay, Exeter

The progressive businesses of Devon need creative and results driven marketing to grow ethically and profitably over the next decade. But how?

Our Ideas in Action Walking Workshops, Exeter are short sessions of creative consultancy. Creative collaboration on the move: fresh thinking to fuel marketing, find new leads & grow your business. No charge, just free ideas you can take away and implement to drive your growth. More details and registration here.

Just when you thought it was safe to get back into the office… We’re back to working from home. And while we’re happy to ditch the commute, we miss face to face communication. The benefits to more flexible working may be clear, but there’s no online fix yet for those spontaneous moments of creativity that spur innovation.

We’ve spotted a way to address this. We’re inviting marketers to take part in small Covid-secure brainstorms on the move. 

What to expect

– A 30 minute walking brainstorm following an accessible-to-all route along the Exeter Quay 

– Share your marketing challenge in advance and the F&G Funnel Mechanics team will prepare a tailored brainstorm session for your business. Choose your slot, on the half hour, between 8.30 and 4.30

– Delegates will have fun, be inspired and take away practical tools/learning that they can implement

– Plus, coffees are on us! 

Let’s spark some creativity!

Why F&G Funnel Mechanics

We work with progressive businesses to build sales and marketing funnels that drive growth. Testament to our creative coaching powers, we partnered with OS accelerator Geovation to deliver marketing mentoring to its startups.

F&G Funnel Mechanics was started in 2019 with an aspiration to work with the South West progressive businesses and was launched at the first Bristol Technology Festival. Now, we’re bringing our walking workshops to Exeter designed to help Devon’s marketers and entrepreneurs to brainstorm their next phase of marketing growth.