As one of the UK’s favourite lead generation companies, whose expert founders have 25 years of experience under our belts, we have worked through our fair share of recessions and challenging times and lived to tell the lead generation tale. 

What have we learned? 

Lead generation strategies that work for small companies are often quite different to lead generation practices that work for large companies.  But there are core principles that should guide both. Firstly, we firmly believe that companies need to be ethical and responsible in their marketing.  We would no sooner recommend that a company buys a large database to start spamming than fly to the moon.  Secondly we believe that effective strategy has to be led by data and insight – no one approach can fit all.

Which lead generation services do you need if you are a small company?

One of the strengths small companies have over larger competitors is that they can be much more agile in the way they can react to changing market conditions.  When we work with smaller companies, we start by immersing ourselves into your company and sector, analysing historical data and reviewing buyer personas. Only then do we get creative with content, lead magnets and activation strategies. For small companies in particular a hybrid approach works best: SEO, content, web events and email marketing with warm calling get results.

Which lead generation services do you need if you are a big company?

If you’re a bigger company with significant traffic and/or large customer bases we start by assessing the health of your funnel.  Large volume data sets make it easier to segment your customers and understand who are the most – and least – valuable and profitable.  This insight brings clarity around the target prospects and the customer journey that both sales and marketing can align around. Sales and marketing integration, strategy based on accurate data and aptly deployed marketing automation is the best foundation for creating a successful lead generation approach for a larger organisation.  A combination of website optimisation, content marketing, email marketing, digital advertising and paid social will get the leads flowing.

So what is the big painful truth behind successful lead generation? 

Many rule books have been ripped up by COVID, not to mention balance sheets. And lead generation trends, tools and techniques come and go. Yet, no matter what size organisation you are, the most critical driver for successful lead generation remains the same: consistent, persistent effort over time.

According to the Online Marketing Institute and Microsoft it takes around 13 touches to convert a prospect into a customer. It’s not until around touch 5 that customers even begin to become aware of you. And yet 89% of sales people give up on the opportunity around touch 4. 

It’s all about focusing on delivering value at every touch point to move each relationship on. And then not giving up.

If you are having trouble identifying and building relevant addressable audiences or looking for inspiration in how to nurture leads and deliver opportunities into your business, you might need help redesigning or refuelling your lead generation process.

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