Marketing mentoring helps Accelerators & Incubators develop their cohorts

Our marketing mentoring is designed for accelerator and incubator programmes, and startups. It’s a hands-on mix of theory, coaching and support distilling all our thinking and services into a Startup Marketing Academy to drive growth.

The mission of the startup is to find a repeatable, scalable business model, a definition coined by entrepreneur opinion leader Steve Blank and adopted by Lean Startup strategy.

Startups have a million jobs to do and a tiny, usually under-resourced team. Entrepreneurs are rightly obsessed with product development and finding that profitable business model, and by securing funding. Marketing expertise might be in short supply and time to devote to marketing is even shorter. Even when funding does come in, investors often stipulate where it is to be invested – and marketing takes the hit.

So it falls to a time-poor team to find their way on their own with little budget to spend on marketing and/or on anyone that could help advise, coach or train.

In practice, startups have usually built considerable insight into their customers’ needs and have a good instinct for marketing approaches to reach them. But they need a sounding board to help develop those ideas. And practical support to plan and execute campaigns.

Introducing the F&G Funnel Mechanics Startup Marketing Academy

In response to this need, we launched a marketing mentoring service this year targeted at accelerator and incubator programmes and their startup cohorts. Aligned to a leading accelerator programme, we’ve developed the F&G Funnel Mechanics Startup Marketing Academy, working with a series of startups to put it to the test.

The Startup Marketing Academy is a blend of interactive group webinars and tailored one-on-ones for founders, focusing on applying marketing best practices through practical coaching and support.

Founders get to work with at least three of the F&G Funnel Mechanics’ directors, depending on need. Our experienced team of directors brings a range of skills and expertise to bear on the challenges of the Startup Marketing Academy mentees: marketing strategy, digital and performance marketing, communications, PR, data and technology consulting, entrepreneurship, business development, data & operations and business strategy, working for global brands and small startups across many sectors, but particularly tech, innovation, mobile, education, financial services and public sector.

Tried and tested

The programme is tried and tested. Its value to startups lies in balancing theory with coaching tailored to individual founders’ needs to help them move their growth marketing on. For accelerator and incubator programmes, F&G Funnel Mechanics marketing mentoring develops founders’ marketing expertise cost effectively, future-proofing overall investments across the portfolio.

To hear more about how we could work with your cohort of startups, book an Ideas in Action webcall with us. We’ll share case studies and fresh thinking. No charge, just free ideas. Drop us a line to get involved.

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