If there’s one truth in marketing, it’s this: if there aren’t enough of the right prospects entering the top of the funnel, there won’t be enough of the right customers coming out of the bottom. Lead generation is key.

According to Marketo, in its 2018 State of Pipeline Marketing Report 34.9% of marketers said their top marketing priority was generating more leads, followed swiftly at 33.4% by converting leads to customers. 

Things have changed significantly since 2018. GDPR and Covid we’re looking at you. But while the environment has changed, the need is the same. More leads, better conversion. 

One question we’re heartened to have heard a lot recently is how can we scale our business development, without compromising reputation or quality?

Lead Generation is a long term play

Inherent is an understanding that lead generation is a long term play that impacts on reputation, so relationship is key. And that finding the right leads at the start is critical if they are to be of the quality that will convert and have the potential to offer long term value.

It’s tempting to think there might be short cuts to speedy lead generation that will drive long term profitability. And we have had that question too. But while there is no silver bullet, doing lead generation right and well doesn’t have to break the bank or take so long that you run out of road before you can benefit.

How to growth hack ethically

Anne K Halsall grew the Winnie user base to 100K users, so she knows a thing or two about how to hack growth ethically. We heart her core principles:


– Spam people

– Misrepresent your product

– Spam people’s friends

– Steal user data

– Buy user data

– Exploit push notifications


– Push relevant information to people

– Make it easy to sign up

– Make it easy to share

– Educate people on how to get value from your product

We can help you….

The F&G Funnel Mechanics lead generation service is about helping you identify and build relevant addressable audiences, nurture leads and deliver opportunities into your business. We’re not one-size-fits all. We start from insight – into what makes you unique, and which customers you uniquely serve. And we build creative content-led campaigns that fit with your business objectives. We’re technology and discipline agnostic, so we find the approach that’s right for you. With that foundation right, the drivers for successful lead generation are managed experimentation and regular, consistent effort to ensure your efforts are better targeted and the benefits grow over time.

We’ll help you grow your on-target prospect base and deliver more leads to your business with ongoing programmes that convert awareness to acquisition.

We’ve built content strategies founded on target customer insight and addressing core pain-points to fuel inbound and outbound marketing programmes for a range of clients. Helping them build valuable pipeline through many sectors including financial services, construction, media and FMCG. 

To hear more, book an Ideas in Action webcall with us. It’s a short session of creative consultancy designed to inspire fresh thinking for your lead generation campaign. No charge, just free ideas. Drop us a line to get involved.


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