In an uncertain world, and with a recession to survive, it has never been more important to understand what growth engine is driving your business. And to build measurable strategies to optimise and accelerate that engine’s performance.

Marketers are all chasing growth, be that building demand, getting more leads, or converting more, better leads to customers.

But they’re often working with less than perfect data and finite resources.

Which means that marketers know their sales and marketing funnel is inefficient…

– it has too many leaks

– there are blockages

– lead volume is low

– the highest value customers aren’t converting

…..but they can’t necessarily spot why or how to fix it.

The answer is usually there, but finding it means analysing complex, often incomplete data from a fragmented mix of data management tools. Small and medium sized enterprises can struggle with this. They lack the resource or experience to do it in house and are unable to afford the skills of data scientists and business analysts.

We can help…

Our new tech and data strategy services aim to fix this. As F&G Funnel Mechanics approaches our first birthday, we’ve brought on a new team to augment our offer. Our advanced data and tech consultancy is designed for marketers who want to optimise their sales funnel for growth, but are looking for support to make that happen.

The Funnel Health Assessment is a short, focused consultation: we work out which elements of your funnel aren’t working and what to do about it. The output is an actionable plan to optimise your funnel for growth. We helped a client spending big on performance and affiliate marketing to identify which were its high value leads. The four growth strategies we recommended each delivered between 11-51% growth in annual revenue.

The next logical step is our Marketing Automation Makeover. Our tech team’s experience runs deep, working with a range of organisations small, medium and large to automate their sales and marketing efforts. The team has worked on CRMs, customer data platforms, data warehouses and data lakes, chatbots for sales and customer support, digital marketing and attribution platforms, customer experience split testing and optimisation platforms, mobile app marketing and analytics, social media marketing, analytics and dashboard applications, predictive modelling and forecasting platforms, internal collaboration systems, and integrating them with all of the above.

If you’d like to try before you buy, we’re offering a free Funnel Health Check webcall. We’ll talk funnel health essentials: the vital signs to look for and how to assess them. Share your funnel challenges with us and we’ll consult on remedies and performance boosters. Even after a short health check, we promise we’ll leave you feeling better.

For your free Funnel Health Check, or if you want more information on our sales funnel optimisation services, drop us a line via email or call +(0)7932 212505 and speak to one of the team.