Celebrating our birthday with new data and tech offers and a fresh, new look 

At F&G Funnel Mechanics this month, we are celebrating our first anniversary.

So let’s just take a moment to celebrate all the 2019 start ups which will have shared with us the rollercoaster political and financial landscape over the past year. 

If you’ve survived this far you’re one of the 89% of businesses in the UK that go on to celebrate a second year. Fingers crossed you may become one of the 50% that go on to celebrate their fifth year of being in business.

F&G was set up by three women:  Sarah Bradbury, Jane Franklin and Sarah Green.  Fewer UK women choose to become entrepreneurs than in best practice peer countries: only ~6% of UK women run their own businesses.  Big up all the female entrepreneurs who started in 2019… all power to us.

Like all new businesses we have evolved so much in our first year. We have had the privilege of working with some fantastic and interesting businesses. And we’ve pivoted, just a few times, to survive the tricky business of COVID 19.

F&G Funnel Mechanics Pirate Funnel

To mark our first business anniversary, we’ve doubled down on what we do best. As a lead generation agency in the UK we are in the business of building sales and marketing funnels that drive growth. 

We’ve refreshed our brand identity to better reflect who we are and what we do.  We’ve redesigned our website. And we updated our logo too. Remember our toolkit logo device – or was it a handbag? – we’ve replaced it with a beautiful funnel.  

New data and tech lead generation services

We’ve bolstered our team and developed our offer to add in three new data and tech strategy services:

Funnel Health Assessment – not converting and selling enough? Not marketing to the right customers? Our Funnel Health Assessment works out which parts of your funnel aren’t working. And outlines an actionable plan to drive impressive sales and growth for your business.

Marketing Automation Makeover – taking you from activation plan to a re-engineered funnel. We help you fully and effectively automate your sales and marketing functions, selecting and deploying the right tools and platforms for your business.

Agile Data Science – data science is no longer the preserve of the large enterprise. We work as your data-science-team-on-demand to reveal the inherent insight in your data… And even help you to predict the future

More on these new services soon as we gear up for a fantastic autumn.

Drop us a line if you’d like to learn more.