We’ve reinvented marketing theory. Well at least marketing during a pandemic. Hands up if you agree the new 3 Ps of marketing are panic, pivot and pirouette?


marketing panic
Image: Edvard Munch, The Scream, 1910, from from Khan Academy website

Often rears its ugly head. Multiple times each day. Sometimes in a small insidious way. Sometimes in a BIG EXPLOSIVE way. The health concerns, financial concerns… for ourselves, our families, our community, everyone else.  

How do we navigate the new lack of boundaries between work and family? And the rest. But I’m not going to start listing tips for remote working, or how to keep kids entertained. There’s rather a lot of that out there right now. In fact the volume and regularity of it triggers more panic for me to be honest. 

And then your 3-year-old appears screaming by your side as you’re working. Urgently needing to know RIGHT NOW what the pink Hatchimal eyes mean*.


marketing - pivot
Image: Canva

To pivot… or not to pivot? (I use the word a bit hesitantly, as it got over-bandied about in the past I think).

Semi pivot? When lockdown first started, we weren’t sure whether everything would completely grind to a halt. Marketing included. But we found companies needed and wanted to keep business going as usual, so far as possible. It also helps manage panic moments by focusing on current clients. People you’re already working for, know well, and can tangibly help. And at a minimum, keeping-in-contact campaigns with clients and prospects are important. Just be mindful of how, and how often you do it.

Lead generation campaigns are also useful to lay groundwork for when (relative) normality resumes. Some people have a lot more time now for content. But others don’t and there’s the risk of the aforementioned overload.

So business-as-usual, but mindful.

Full pivot? For many companies though, they now need to market themselves to a completely different set of buyer personas. And maybe even start up and sell something totally new. Quickly, but also probably with significantly less financial resources.


marketing - pirouette
Image: Canva

Ultimately, everyone’s dancing between various states of being, working and feeling. And for us, it’s certainly a mixture of business-as-usual, panic (BBC news alert), helping with full-on marketing pivots, delivering stuff to elderly neighbours. And trying to make it look graceful.

*means I want cuddles. Not the virtual ones.