Iconic Italian supercar brand Ferrari has wide appeal at the top, but it’s a long and narrow funnel and very few convert.

2019 was a record year for Ferrari. It had a target to ship 10K cars. It launched five new products. Plus a handful of limited editions costing between Euro 262K-336K.

It’s no mistake that the entry point to the Ferrari funnel for most is children’s toys and merchandise. It would take most ordinary folks a lifetime to save up for one. The closest most of us will get to driving one is on an Xbox. And until recently the brand even restricted how many driving video games could feature their cars.

Ferrari’s marketing is exclusive, high end and aspirational. The 2017 La Ferrari 70th Anniversary Edition spot has it all. Thrilling music, immaculate design. A good-looking man is both driving the car and watching his reflection driving it. He accelerates past a polished chrome lorry. He flashes across the sunglasses of an attractive woman. The reflections show the heritage of the brand, and him as a racing driver. This is ultimate fantasy fulfilment. It sounds clichéd but the ad is still classy. Perfect for emotion-driven awareness generation.

You’re tempted to think: with a product this good who needs marketing? Ferrari can rely on its many reviewers to do the technical detail marketing for the brand. And super fans create their own loving content to boost brand awareness. Plus there’s no need to build relationships through the funnel. When someone is in the market for a Ferrari it will be a one-to-one personal sale.

Ferrari has one super impressive mushroom shaped funnel.