We’re now Difference Engine (formerly F&G Funnel Mechanics) 

You can find us here differenceengine.agency

We are all about the funnel. We’re a lead generation company in Bristol that creates growth for progressive companies across the UK, with effective lead generation services. 

And we are on a mission to save good people from bad marketing.

We offer inbound & outbound marketing that drives results – building brand and driving leads.

We believe for strategy to work it must be based on data and insight. The only thing we’re wedded to is finding what works for our clients.

We’re discipline and technology agnostic.

—   We help companies work out who their ideal customer is and then build a marketing funnel tailored to them
—   Or we help them to re-engineer their funnel to boost performance
—   We inspire companies and help them refocus their marketing at a strategic level
—   And we help them get the job done when resource is a challenge.

The Founders

lead generation company team

Sarah Green, Sarah Bradbury and Jane Franklin. Together We Are F & G.

funnel animation