We’re F&G Funnel Mechanics 

We are an experienced marketing & lead generation company in Bristol, UK. We build sales and marketing funnels that drive growth.

From sales funnel health assessments to marketing automation makeovers.

From customer insight and target audience clarity, to mapped out marketing plans.

From beautiful content, to best practice engagement and performance marketing.

We’ll help you build brand and drive leads.

The Team

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Sarah Green, Sarah Bradbury and Jane Franklin. Together We Are F & G.

by @JonCraig_Photos

We believe effective strategy has to be based on data and insight. The only thing we’re wedded to is finding what works for our clients. We’re discipline and technology agnostic.

And we’re on a mission to save good people from bad marketing.

F&G Funnel Mechanics: Strategic Lead Generation Services

We are an experienced marketing and business growth agency offering lead generation services throughout the UK.

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